Agrud Technologies are a fintec with three locations worldwide – Edinburgh, Singapore, and Kolkata. We aspire to transform the ways in which businesses find and harness content, and provide innovative tools to track, monitor, and analyse their company’s ecosystem.

Stella is our Advanced Engine for Data, Analytics and Personalization. Stella was built from the ground up in-house to perform content curation, business analytics, and NLG tasks. Stella is scalable and can be implemented modularly to suit the needs of any client.

To create an account simply send us your details including company name and email address through our contact form or email directly at

Starting from £70/m, Stella’s capabilities, as well as its price tag, are scalable with your needs.

Currently we accept payment in GBP, USD, and SGD. We have plans to expand this list in the future.

You can integrate our API into your website or blog to post content automatically. If you prefer Wordpress, you can install our WP-Plugin to fetch content.