Analysts & Data Scientists: Single Platform for Data and Analysis

  • Analysts and Data Scientists spend 70% of their time in aggregating structured and unstructured data from multiple sources, cleaning the data and then keeping that data updated. With varying data sources, several data integration programmes have to be written and maintained.
  • With Stella you do not have to worry about any data source. We have covered most of the data that is possibly needed for investment analysis, but if we do not have it, it is easy for us to add them.
  • Analysts can straightway work directly on Stella’s Data Cloud without having to bother about downloading the data to their local machines. 

Advisors Go Digital: Readymade Platform

  • Small and Medium sized Legacy Investment Advisors are challenged to transform their existing business using technology.
    New Robo and Digital First Advisors have to spend on technology staff and platform
  • Stella offers a complete API based service or a white labeled platform (like: marketanalyst.ai) which allows Advisors to choose what part they want to take. Using APIs, they can build their own website or Mobile platform, or outsource their entire technology to us 
  • We want Investment Advisors to focus on Client Management rather than on Technology. Stella can be integrated to any wealth Management platform to help integrate customer information with market intelligence to personalize each and every client interaction

Investment Managers: Outsource Development

  • Investment Managers – Like Boutique Asset Management companies, Hedge Funds and Private Equity hire internal analysts and programmers to develop screening and idea generation tools
  • We  offer Intelligence as a service. Stella already has most of the data that can be needed for analysis and our flexible architecture allows us to integrate with almost any type of data, be it numbers, text, images, audios or videos. Investment Managers do not have to hire staff to develop their models which once built will be more on maintenance more.
  • With our Intelligence as a service we build it, maintain it, refine it so that Investment Managers can focus on what they do best, make money.