Fintech Platform As a Service for Data Aggregation & Personalized Market Intelligence

Streamlined Data Aggregation and Market Insights. Unify global market data and intelligence in one cloud solution, enhancing decision-making for wealth managers, banks, brokerages, and fintech companies.


marketanalyst RMApp - Your Financial Intelligence Platform to Elevate Productivity!

The RMApp empowers the Relationship Managers & Investment Advisors with a comprehensive, single-window access to financial data & tools, covering all major global markets & asset classes like Equities, Bonds, MFs, ETFs, & Cryptocurrencies. Key features include personalized market insights & alerts, news, customizable analytical tools, both internal & third-party research along with licensed conten

marketanalyst Digital Media Engagement - Boost Traffic with Specialized Finance Media!

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital presence, the Digital Media App emerges as the powerhouse for crafting finance content that not only captivates but propels your brand into the limelight. Ignite your online presence with expertly curated content that not only drives traffic but transforms passive viewers into an engaged audience.

Advantages of Using marketanalyst

Global Multi-Asset Cloud Aggregator

Combining the strengths of being the only global, multi-asset, multilingual, and multi-vendor cloud-based aggregator with the convenience of single sign-on (SSO) compatibility.

Efficient Platform as a Service

Offering a customizable, scalable platform with rapid deployment capabilities, proven to save approximately 30-50% in costs based on existing customer analyses, alongside established long-term client engagements and strategic partnerships with top data/content providers.

Advanced Customizable Analytics

Leveraging AI for personalized insights derived from user behavior data, this feature enhances user engagement with customizable analytics and tools.