Data, Analytics and Personalization Engine for Investment Intelligence

Individual Investors and Small and Medium sized Investment Advisors and Investment Managers spend too much time and cost, on aggregating and making sense of Data.


Introducing Stella,
the technologically advanced engine

for curation, aggregation of any data related or unrelated to Financial Markets and an analytics platform for Personalized Investment Intelligence to help Investors, Investment Advisors and Investment Managers make quicker and better decisions.

automating personalized intelligence

What is

Personalized Intelligence

Financial Markets are one of the largest markets which will be revolutionized by the perfect storm of individuals pushing for more personalization and advisers seeking intelligence so they can serve their customers better. Using customer and market information Stella can personalize analysis and recommendation down to every individual.

Advantages of Using Stella

Data and Content Curation and Aggregation

Data creation, structured and unstructured, has exploded. Connecting them gives valuable information for decision making. Collecting, storing and linking this.

Personalized Intelligence as a Service

DIY: Using our data model you can create your own analytic model on the cloud. Or, use our services and tools to create sophisticated hyper personalized insights

APIs and Multi Format outputs

All the output can be accessed through a single window API. Clients do not have to write API calls to multiple providers. They can access any type of data from.